We specialize in making trips to Brussels wonderful for all travelers.

Either you're here with your family, friends, loved ones or just looking for a crazy way to celebrate your bachelors party, we know what you need: chocolate, beer, history, Belgian food and an incredible time, without having to worry about using Google maps or getting lost in Grand Place.

Carm Siro

Business owner and guide

Hi, I'm Carm and I've been running chocolate, beer and sightseeing tours in Brussels ever since I understood the beauty of the city and its uniqueness, in 2000. Most travelers tell me that eating chocolate and sipping beer might be the best job ever, and who am I to argue with that?

Alrak Sreenepmirt

Story-teller, chocolate master

Passionate about the connexion with every human soul, I'm all the time ready to talk about my inspirations, beliefs or about the history of Brussels. I'm as a chocoholic as you can get, ask me anything and I'll be your lottery ticket to an amazing trip in Brussels.

Anila Eixela

Creative director - marketing responsible

I'm the one changing fonts and overusing the hashtag #brusselswithme. I understand the dynamics of the tourism in Brussels and I know visual differentiation is key, as well as how important the experience on the tour is like. If you haven't decided yet to take our tour, drop me a line and I'll convince you!
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