Glass of Belgian beer

Here for the beer? Try out our 8 beer selection and let us know what you think. Warning for the pessimist: this activity might shake your world in terms of beer preferences, as we have one for every taste.

Trappist, lambic, gueuze or fruit-based beer, you name it! Perfect activity to explore Brussels in a more cheerful way.


Sightseeing, walking, pub-crawling, tasting

Suitable for

Families, Couples, Solo travelers, stag parties, corporate





First things first, here's what this beer activity in Brussels is about:

  • 3h 30 pub-crawling activity
  • Belgian beer tasting
  • Sightseeing & walking
  • Local guide with extensive beer knowledge
How does a beer tasting tour look like?
"walk - listen - watch - taste"

The itinerary is simple: walk around the city center of Brussels, spot main attractions, stop for 1-2 beer tastings in out-of-sight taverns and discover the Belgian beer heritage in an interactive and informative way.
What differentiates us from the other 10+ similar activities in Brussels:
  • we're the oldest beer tour provider - helping travelers discover beer since 2000
  • we know all out-of-sight Belgian taverns
  • we pair different Belgian beers with Belgian dishes for the experience of their flavour combo
Change the world with a glass of Belgian beer
Not one, but 8 glasses of different Belgian beers - a selection prepared with care throughout the years to fit the expectations of both beer connoiseurs and curious ones. What you'll get out most of this activity in Brussels is to connect with fellow travelers just like you, arrived from either UK, US, South Africa or Norway. Do you like beer? So do other millions of people in the world. Beer - connecting people in Brussels.

Something interesting in Brussels apart from beer..


Eat and drink Brussels

Why limit to beers? Mix Belgian beers with Belgian dishes - a proper meal for all travellers!

belgian beer pub

Full belly Brussels

Don't limit to chocolate and beers! We've got waffles, frites and mussels that you would not like to miss out on!

Glass of Belgian beer

Here for the beer? Try out our 8 beer selection and let us know what you think.