Full belly Brussels

Let us guess the first to-do things on your checklist in Brussels: are they Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate? How about that creamy Belgian waffle everyone is posting pictures of on Instagram? Should not miss the Belgian mussels and frites either..

If that's the case, we've got you covered, buddy. "Full-belly Brussels" is what you can imagine: an activity with Brussels waffles, chocolates, mussels, bieres and fries. Sightseeing is also an important part of it - Manneken Pis is definitely a must!


Sightseeing, tasting chocolate and beers, proper lunch

Suitable for

Families, solo travelers, couples, corporate




Full belly Brussels

Looking for an alternative choice to the traditional Brussels beer tasting tour or Brussels chocolate tour?

This is the perfect idea to combine chocolate and beer in one tour, not mentioning all the other perks included.
If you’re intrigued enough by beer and chocolate, wait until you get to serve your specially prepared Belgian lunch, full of small portions of all Brussels specialities: mussels, waterzooi, beef stew, Brussels sprouts, fries and the-best-of-the-best Belgian waffle.

A deal breaker if you’re into food and you’re curious about the gastronomical cuisine of Brussels.
One can explore the nook and cranny of a city that he could find, but Brussels would still be a big hit and miss. Although not comparable in size with Paris or London, Brussels is not exactly an open book when it comes to its highlights. Sure, you all heard about the European Comission, Mannekin Pis or Atonium, but how about the cultural aspects of the city? Let us show them for you in an informative 3h 30 walking activity.
Should you choose a "Full belly Brussels"?
Past traveler and personal experiences have showed us that a well detailed plan works as a charm at the time of being in a foreign country. For multiple reasons:
  • time-saving - combo of beer, chocolate and Belgian dishes
  • premium quality of products
  • local guide - get a holistic view of Brussels from an isider, understand what to watch out for and what to avoid
  • it is as good as it sounds

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Eat and drink Brussels

Why limit to beers? Mix Belgian beers with Belgian dishes - a proper meal for all travellers!

belgian beer pub

Full belly Brussels

Don't limit to chocolate and beers! We've got waffles, frites and mussels that you would not like to miss out on!

Glass of Belgian beer

Here for the beer? Try out our 8 beer selection and let us know what you think.