Eat & drink Brussels

Every day presents a new opportunity to toast the city of Brussels, and visitors can relax and discover a veritable world of flavors at Brussels’ collection of bars, pubs and clubs that are ideal for a relaxing afternoon or a night on the town.

Our proposal is to spend 4h in Brussels by tasting beers and all the iconic Belgian dishes. Saver for time and money at the same time!


Sightseeing, beer tasting, proper meal

Suitable for

Families, solo travelers, couples, stag parties





Ensure you don’t miss out on the best places to eat in Brussels by planning your culinary adventures before you travel, but if you don't have the time, leave it on us. We have the best option to enjoy beer and food while in Brussels.
Brussels distinguishes itself from the culinary pack with its timeless recipes and divine flavours that no other place in the world can quite replicate, for instance: Brussels mussels & frites, waterzooi and the Belgian waffle. Why pick only one dish when you can taste all of them?
In Brussels, food and drink are more than simply sustenance, but a way to bring people together through the art of culinary indulgence. You will walk around the city center of Brussels, learn about its history and see iconic highlights, followed by a proper dinner combined of 4 beers + Belgian dishes in an authentic scenery. Bon appétit!
Highlights of the "Beer and food Brussels" activity
  • spot right-away the most emblematic highlights of Brussels in terms of history, buildings, beer and cuisine
  • Save money and time within a 4h activity that combines the best of Brussels must-do activities
  • Taste 4 Belgian beers, along with a delicious meal consisting of all reknown Belgian plates

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Eat and drink Brussels

Why limit to beers? Mix Belgian beers with Belgian dishes - a proper meal for all travellers!

belgian beer pub

Full belly Brussels

Don't limit to chocolate and beers! We've got waffles, frites and mussels that you would not like to miss out on!

Glass of Belgian beer

Here for the beer? Try out our 8 beer selection and let us know what you think.