Ghent beer and sightseeing adventure

If you are looking for your next destination in Belgium, you must head off to the pearl between Brussels and Bruges: Ghent. Knock off the sights of this quircky city of charm in just 4h and endulge yourself in history and local Belgian beer flavours. The tour includes 6 local beer tastings with different alcohol percentages, one of which will be served during a 30min canal ride, complimentary small snacks and sightseeing of Ghent’s historical city spots. With an itinerary like this, how could someone not want to return to the city for more?

Departure Duration



Price Adults
Meeting point
Saint Bavo Square

in front of the cathedral
Available languages


  • Selection of 6 local beers paired with cheeses and other snacks
  • Geneva Gin Tasting
  • Boatride on the canals of Ghent
  • 1 hour guided walking tour through the historical center
  • Visit of a local GRUUT brewery

What to expect


This would be easier to experience than to describe as there are not enough adjectives to capture the real charm of the city. However, here is a sneak peak of what it is included:

Historical landscapes


Ghent is positioned within the Flamish speaking part of Belgium, therefore do not be surprised if you are automatically labelled as a tourist. In fact, there’s nothing bad about it, only advantages. The local-to-tourist ratio is actually much higher, which means you will have a truly authentic adventure . Additionally, Ghent plays host to a fascinating collection of ancient architecture which is worth admiring and taking pictures of, especially because you can catch a history lesson at glance only by looking at it. To boost your interest even more, the activity includes a 30 min canal ride to relax and enjoy the breath-taking landscapes. The scenic canal route and the beer you will taste on-board will make your experience priceless for sure.

Local Belgian beers


Apart from the sightseeing part, Ghent will also charm you with its astoundingly flavoured beers. In case you are a beer lover – this tour is perfect for you. In case you’re not sure whether you are willing to give beer a chance or not – you should! Belgian beers, in particular the ones from Ghent, are 100% different from any commercial ones you have tried before. Considering the large variety of golden liquid Belgium is rich in, we will make sure we find the perfect beer for your tastes. The Ghent beer tour consists of 6 beer tastings, all different from each other, ranging in flavours, colours, smells and alcohol percentages, along with small complimentary snack (based on availability). On top of this, you will discover vibrant out-of-sight taverns, which you might have not given a try on your own, but which you will adore.

Local Belgian beers, canal boat ride, architecture and hidden taverns, how would you want to miss out this adventure?